Healthy Recipes for Everyday Meals
  • sausage

    Sausage Hash

    We used to live in the Beaches many moons ago and one of the local pubs (now long gone) used to serv...

  • broccoli-bites

    Mini Broccoli Bites

    These yummy little bites are easy to make and sure to please everyone in your house, including the l...

  • wrap

    Veggie and Crab Rice Wraps

    These rice wraps make a nice light snack at 16.2g of net carbs. You can follow the recipe to the let...

  • cauliflower soup

    Low Carb Cauliflower Leek Soup

    A low carb alternative to potato soup that is equally as tasty. You can choose to use milk instead o...

  • 6067a320bd9511e3a3e70002c9dc6792_8

    Amaranth Blueberry Pecan Snack Bars

    These little bars are a nice pick me up after a workout or when you need a little snack to tie you o...

  • 1023px-Brownies_with_floral_painted_background

    Low Carb Brownies

    Recently I put a challenge on Facebook to send me recipes for a diabetic makeover. This recipe was a...

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